The Charter of Caves is the Adriaticaves strategy vision of how the natural areas of the involved caves and the surroundings have to be conserved and managed also after the Adriaticaves project ending.

The Charter contains indications about:

  1. how the scientific and economic results of studies and researches carried-out in the project have to be taken into consideration;
  2. the legislative frameworks in force;
  3. how to ensure long-lasting environmental sustainability and tourism development;
  4. how to apply the Adriaticaves Brand quality standards to the caves management

The Charter is a commitment and a mission statement for its signatories, because it defines common guidelines to be adopted by the cave managers, the speleoguides, the tourist operators and all other subjects involved in the chain.

The Charter of Caves is drafted and implemented in compliance with the “OI_6c.1_2 Number of strategies and action plans developed in the field of natural and cultural heritage and tourism” of the Adrion Programme 2014-2020.

The achievement of the mentioned output OI_6c.1_2 is also obtained through the implementation of the International Action Plan for habitat 8310 (T21.1.) to which the development of the Charter of Caves is intrinsically connected.

The Charter will be always open to further signatories who will accept the principles there described in application of the open-door principle.

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