What: Update training for speleo-guides: “A geoheritage to be protected: understanding and explaining the underground world and its fragilities”
When: 4-5 May 2019
Where: Ca’ Carnè Visitor Center – Romagna Gypsum Vein Regional Park
Organized by: Authority for Parks Management and Biodiversity – Romagna
People attending: 16
Brief description: a two days update training for speleo-guides has been organised in Romagna Gypsum Vein Regional Park and all project partners have been invited. This training was focused on several aspects of karst environments. Experts in cave fauna, speleogenesis, speleothem formation, and man-cave interaction in the local territory have been invited to implement guides knowedge about these important cave-related fields. Particular attention was given to cave conservation applied to caving visits and safety measurements in this activity.